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A foster family agreement is a non-legal agreement between the current foster family, the supervisory authority and the child, which aims to provide the child with a stable and loving home without the legally binding papers of adoption or guardianship. A foster family agreement is like a permanent placement with a fit and consenting parent – a caregiver is always responsible for assessing the case every 6 months until the child is no longer a court service. To decide whether a Foster family contract is the best destination for a child, the caregiver will have the expectations of the care service to you, what you can offer and the support and training you can expect. This is the written agreement that has been reached between you and the Fostering Service if you are approved. There are other times when your care contract should be verified, including: you will receive a copy of the signed care contract. A care contract is a written agreement between you, the safety of the child and your care and care service, which: the foster care contract is not legally binding, if the foster family decides that they can no longer care for the child at home, they have the right to make that decision and the young people must be placed in another placement. Your care contract will be reviewed when you renew admission as a caregiver. You are encouraged to address all issues that affect you during the audit, including: A care agreement is not developed for a caregiver, as her needs for assistance are specific to the child who is in his care and who is covered by the placement agreement. Training, support and development standards for Foster Care..