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We mix and adapt different types of contracts in your fleet to create the optimal package. You can fine-tune the level of inclusion in your contract with our flexible service level offer: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Everything is designed to fit perfectly into your business, with the security of quick roadside assistance and all the management controls you need. In recent years of rising tyre prices, Michelin has demonstrated the change in the price mechanism of its Michelin Fleet Solutions PPK contracts. It has gone from an annual adjustment of PPIs to an interest rate deferral that takes place twice a year on the basis of a combination of three indices: natural rubber, oil and RPI. Paul Davey, director of Michelin Fleet Solutions, acknowledges that this means that the phrase is not as “fixed” as before, and describes this approach as “transparent” and is understood by the major customers of Michelin`s fleet. To learn more and access the agreement, please email or visit the corresponding website. All agreements with us and the obligations that flow from them are governed by Dutch law and Dutch private international law, excluding the applicability of the 1980 Vienna Convention (United Nations Convention on International Goods Sales Contracts). The coast-down test shows the significant reduction in rolling resistance of Goodyear`s LHT II trailer tires. 15.1 The buyer and we strive to settle disputes out of court.

To this end, the parties undertake to resolve any dispute between them through mediation, in accordance with the latest mediation settlements of the Rotterdam-based Stichting Nederlands Mediation Instituut (Dutch Mediation Foundation). 15.2 Contracting parties jointly appoint an INMI-certified mediator in the event of a dispute on the basis of the agreement and/or the obligations arising from it. 15.3 If the mediation in paragraph 1 does not lead to a (complete) settlement of disputes between parties or if the parties fail to agree on the appointment of a common mediator in accordance with paragraph 2, the most appropriate party has the power to bring the dispute to court. The Court of the Judicial District of our residence has jurisdiction to know the (remaining) dispute. 11.1 We will exercise caution and competence in the implementation of the treaty that we can reasonably expect. We will not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from acts on our part, based on erroneous and/or incomplete data from the Buyer, unless we have had to be informed of nullity or incompleteness. 11.2 We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage to the purchaser or a third party, including the consequent damage caused by a defect on our part or those committed during the performance of the contract, unless the damage is the result of intent and/or serious misconduct. 11.3 If we can be held liable in light of the above, this liability is limited to the amount of insurance eligible for payment under our liability insurance (company).