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By reading Stephen R. Covey`s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, find out where you`re going wrong in life. The Book Council has changed the lives of presidents, CEOs, educators and more. Each of the seven habits is easy to use without being overly simple. It is in this process that the beauty of the book resides. No matter who you are, this book will help you in one way or another. In relationships, Don Miguel says our biggest assumption is to believe that our love will change someone. The truth is that you really can`t predict or control others, you can only choose to like them or not. Here`s a great quote, perhaps the best in the book: for those who really want to change their lives but feel stuck in the field, Tony Robbins` Awaken the Giant Within is a must. In this book, Robbins teaches the psychology of change and encourages readers to use the most effective techniques to control their emotions, relationships, finances and bodies. Then he sketches a self-control program that helps people take control of their lives and create their own destiny. While these may seem like great promises, hundreds of critics swear that this book has changed their lives for the better. In fact, if you want to learn how to communicate more effectively and compassionately, read our summary of Marshall B Rosenberg`s Non-Violent Communication.

This book was written by a renowned psychologist and teaches a framework that helps you communicate your own feelings and needs without the other person feeling attacked. My favorite quote from Nonviolent Communication is that not all self-help books should be specialized books. In The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho inspired millions of people to follow their dreams and listen to their hearts. It is a story of self-discovery that gently teaches its lessons through a very entertaining story, full of magic and mysticism. Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd, travels to faraway lands in search of treasures. What he finds on the road might surprise you and inspire you to recognize the possibilities that your life offers. I`ve always loved this book for its teachings. It is essential that readers take mysticism as expected – the transmission of a tradition and a way of looking at the world, and naming things that are difficult to express concisely. Although Napoleon Hill called his book Think and Grow Rich, he even recognized the power of the action taken.

In fact, this book became one of the first really popular self-help books, and it is still popular today because ideas are always priceless. So if you`re curious about how you think and grow rich, then go after our summary of Napoleon Hill Book. All the books featured in the first issue of O: The Oprah Magazine and on Oprah`s favorite Things segment have already convinced us. Add over 7,000 Amazon positives, and we are with a loss for a disadvantage. In Don Miguel Ruiz`s four chords, you will learn more about the self-limiting convictions that prevent you from feeling joy and allow you to endure unnecessary suffering in your life. The book is based on ancient wisdom with four fundamental ideas – be immaculate with your word, take nothing personal, don`t make assumptions and always do your best. It may sound simple, but with so much positivity, can you really afford to ignore the four chords? This path begins with the four agreements. These are new ways of life that you can voluntarily follow. These agreements are: Although it wasn`t perfect, it inspired millions of people to become stronger and healthier.