January 8, 2017 ongoing projects 0
Araknia Design is the main developer for this incredible site. TGLHubs.com is a massive project aimed at delivering a complete alternative to communities. The site is developed using CakePHP.

TGL Profile

The member profile consists of any number of tabs. Members can also create discussions, use the internal tgl-mail system which has a number of tools for managing contacts. Plus the all important friends list.


My Media

TGL MyMedia is a multimedia library. Its purpose is to manage media grouped into activities. This way it is easy to re-use media in any location you wish to present it.


TGL Bank

The TGL platform pivots around the concept of being paid to teach give or learn. This generates a local currency whereby members accept payment in L of which they have earned through barter, Teaching a course, Giving their time volunteering or Learning by attending an approved course.


TGL Barter

This a suite of apps to enable the exchange of L earned from activity described above. tglhubs-screen-barter

TGL volunteering

This is an extensive suite of apps for managing volunteers, and also paying them in the TGL currency called ‘L’. The volunteering groups can only be setup by verified Co Orgs.

TGL courses

Another suite of apps to enable members to either setup their own course and manage applicants, or to apply to attend other member courses.
Once approved members can also pay course attendees in L.

Teaching Giving Learning tglhubs.com