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As a general rule, leases are six months to a year, although you can get another agreement. Once your lease expires, you can continue to use the property as part of a tacit renewal, as soon as the contract expires, the tenant can continue to pay the rent and stay on the land. Ideally, both parties should agree to renew the contract within 15 days of the expiry of the lease. Mexican law does not contain a specific advertising obligation; However, since the purchase and sale contracts are concluded before a notary, the notary must obtain information from the public register of the wealth management and land registry and water management authorities in order to verify the general status of the property as described. However, it is customary to disclose all information relating to the current status of the property and, in the event of an infringement, the buyer may withdraw from the corresponding agreement and seek payment of damages. Yes, the rent tax must be paid by the tenants. In addition, value-added tax (VAT) must be paid under leases; However, if the rental agreement applies to the construction of housing, no VAT is levied. In most countries, there are special court proceedings that settle disputes and termination of leases. Some common agreements, which are included in the financing agreements, are: there is no legal reason not to be able to obtain housing without a job. However, landlords will definitely want to check if you can pay the rent for the duration of the lease.

In some cases, they will ask for payslips to display your income. For example, if you don`t have a job yet, you may need to offer additional proof of rental. If you have a fixed-term contract and your landlord does not ask you to renew your lease or terminate it at the end, the contract is presumed to be renewed in accordance with existing terms. In order to dislodge a tenant, the special tenancy procedure must be completed and a decision of the judge ordering the eviction must be rendered. If the tenant does not comply with the order, the landlord may seek police assistance from the judge to remove the tenant from the property, if necessary. Under the absence of illegal activities, the Mexican government may take possession of any property used for illegal activities. A clause that frees the owner from liability in such activities is a standard complement to leases. If the property is sold during the term of the tenancy agreement, the tenant continues to pay the rent to the new owner for the duration of the contract. However, the new owner can terminate the contract with 30 days` notice. Do long-term tenants have special rights to renew or renew leases? In most countries, prohibitions apply on rental terms and extensions, depending on whether the property is used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes.

Yes, most government plans provide special rights for long-term tenants. For example, if a tenancy agreement has lasted at least three years, the tenant (without payment of rent due) must be preferred over all other potential tenants if the landlord wishes to execute a new tenancy agreement. There is a penalty for breaching a lease, unless the contract includes a withdrawal or diplomatic clause. This amount is half the amount owed for the remaining months. If z.B 10 months before the expiry date, the rent amount is five months. The Civil Code defines the circumstances under which tenants can leave or withhold rent, for example. B if the owners do not comply with the obligations stipulated in the contract.