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I recognize that I am enrolling in a MONTHLY MemberShip Program. Contributions of $95 (ME 180) or $125 (ME 360) plus all taxes due on the day of registration and are automatically reinstated from month to month, unless membership is terminated in accordance with this Agreement. Monthly and/or annual taxes are withdrawn on the day or after the same day of each month. ME SPA reserves the right to change certain conditions, including prices from time to time, with no less than thirty (30) days before the new conditions come into force. By signing below, I authorize ME SPA to charge for the account I have indicated. I understand that ME SPA may continue to charge my account or terminate my affiliation in accordance with the terms of this agreement. We accept the sale and you accept the purchase of the membership, goods and services described here. You have agreed to pay us for membership, goods and services according to your selection and the above terms. Your signature below indicates that you agree with the terms, rules and regulations of this Agreement. All the terms of this contract and the terms of the “Conditions” section on our website are part of this agreement.

Come see to see this. All individuals, including members and those who acquire membership on behalf of a member, are responsible for the full payment. I recognize that I am part of an annual ME SPA membership program. This program cannot be interrupted. Your contributions of $350 (V.I.ME.) or $500 (V.I.ME PLUS) plus all taxes due on the day of registration, then due on or after the same date of each year until your membership is terminated in accordance with this Agreement. A valid credit or debit card is required for registration. Contributions cannot be paid with a gift card. Members are non-transferable and are non-refundable. Subscriptions can only be purchased with a valid credit/debit card. Another method of payment is not accepted. Subscriptions cannot be paid with a gift card. ME SPA must be informed of any changes to the billing address in the file, contact and credit card information.

If a credit card is refused or automatic payment is not made, the ME SPA member must call within 7 days to provide a new payment method. If the member does not reach the spa within 7 days, the member will lose all stored credits and membership will be suspended until a valid form of payment is provided.