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As a general rule, the proponent intends that once this work is completed, these new and/or modified highways will be taken over and maintained by the local motorway authority (LHA). As a result, the agreements concluded under Highway 1980 – particularly in this context, Sections 38 and 278 – are generally concluded between the LHA and the proponent to ensure the delivery of necessary or agreed-upon highway work to the necessary standards. The development planning request generally defines the principles of the work required. The motorway authority cannot then refuse to enter into an agreement for the promoter to carry out the authorized work as long as the work complies with the appropriate standards. An agreement S278 applies to road works required by public highway development. As a motorway authority, we give permission for all work on the motorway. Work can only begin when the agreement is concluded in accordance with Section 278. This privacy statement belongs to the Highways division, which manages all development agreements and works with developers, consultants and contractors to ensure that the provisions of Section 28 and Section 278 have been complied with. If the agreements have not been renewed after the two-year expiry, we will seek reasonable reimbursement of any additional costs that may be incurred under the Road Contract Royalty and Royalty Council schedule for modifications to an existing road or for the creation of a new road, we will request the provision of personal data so that we can provide you with a paid service under an agreement under Section 38 and Section 278. As part of the above agreements, we collect the following personal data when you make it available to us: A Section 278 (or S278) agreement is a section of Highway 1980 that allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the Council (as a highway authority) to make lasting modifications or improvements to a public highway as part of a plan. If the promoter does not make agreed payments or if the work is not carried out in accordance with the agreement, the motorway authority has the power to close access to the site. As part of cooperation with developers, consultants and contractors under the Section 38 and Section 278 agreements.

Many projects require combined agreements under Section 278 and Section 38, as work on existing roads and the adoption of new roads are required. The time required to reach such an agreement should be long and the applicant should take this into account when programming his works. In cases where a highway system requires real estate developers to set up land under their control to accept it as public highways, please refer to Section 38 of the agreements. This data sharing allows us to change your contract. The procedure required to reach an agreement can take time and time, and it is therefore desirable to get in touch as soon as possible with the authority of the motorways. In Birmingham, we normally use s278 agreements to allow designers to employ a contractor in road construction and for that contractor to work on the existing public highway, as we, the motorway authority, would carry out work. The proponent is responsible for all aspects of the public highway work, from planning to monitoring the construction and ensuring that the work is completed to our satisfaction. The s278 and s38 agreements regulate the aspect of highway infrastructure that is included in a proposed construction. The s278 agreements allow for changes to existing highway networks, allowing developers to do work. The agreement contains details of the building permit, the project, the construction program, the inspection and the associated costs. The Road Agreements team is responsible for private S38, S278 and private road contracts.