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While licensing seems like a good option for inventors and entrepreneurs, landing remains that license stores remain elusive for many, but private label agreements can be almost as advantageous and are much easier to craft. Before you go to a company to enter into a private label deal, make sure you`ve taken these five steps: your goals in the first year are, first, to make sure your product`s selling and marketing costs are first-class, and second, to connect with influential business contacts and end users. The success and perseverance of your deal will increase if you are better known to the people who deal with the product. Products that complement the company`s successful products have the best chance of being sold under a trademark agreement. This means that the appeal of the product should have a similar appeal to the existing products that the company already sells. Finally, only medium to high priced items under private labeling are good, because the profits have to be spread among a larger number of people and if the product is too low, then there is not much to gain by going. You`ll need a broader deal if you sell to another company that then markets the product under its own name. The agreement can cover all or most of these points: if you sell on a trademark agreement, you need to sell the product at a lower price, because you add an additional intermediary to the image: the trademark company that then sells to customers, retailers or distributors.