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If you are trying to partially provide an order to which you have assigned a full delivery notice, the system informs you that the customer needs full delivery of the order. All items must be delivered at the same time. Items may not have different delivery times. Westparts has the right to deliver in part. This does not apply when partial delivery has no independent value. If the products are partially delivered, Westparts has the right to bill each delivery independently. Position Line 10, Quantity – 30, first delivery date – 20.08.2011 Line 20, Order quantity – 30, first delivery date – 22.08.2011 Line 30, order quantity – 30, first delivery date – 24.08.2011 For example. The customer wants to adapt 100 TON -> credit check for 100 TONS -> delivery for 100 TONS -> precision scale – 99.95 TON -> Delivery qty – Commissions qty 99.95 TON -> good edition for 99.95 TON -> bill for 99.95 TON. The remains of 0.05 TON forget !!! Moreover, the 100 tones needed for the customer are partly needed.100 TON -> 30 today -> 30 tomorrow and 40 the day after tomorrow. Then 3 divisions needed for 1 item order. These terms and conditions apply to any offer and/or agreement between Westparts B.V., known as “Westparts” and customers who have been informed of the terms and conditions until neither party has refused in writing the validity of the terms. If one or more articles are considered invalid, the other articles remain valid.

This delivery should fully satisfy the order quantity. If the amount delivered is not equal to the unpaid amount, you will receive a warning message. Partial supply contracts are taken into account when considering availability in the order. These indicators will be reviewed during the development of the delivery. The delivery must comply with the subcontracts in the order. If I deliver the first ShedLine, the system offers 30 TON, and the actual amount taken is 29.95 TON. Trouble`s coming. I don`t want the next delivery with 30 TON -0.05 TON from the previous SchedLine. How do I fix “Close” the first SchedLine after the first delivery? The partial delivery position field (VBAP-KZTLF – A) does not work, because after the first delivery of the order items is closed. In this case, you can create a partial delivery of 5 pieces for the example.

The command post is then considered partially delivered. Once the hardware is available again, create another partial delivery. This operation continues until the item is delivered completely or until the maximum number of deliveries is reached. Hello, MartinI just did a test. All you need to do is change the delivery tolerance to 99.9 percnt; for each item. Thus, the delivery state is automatically changed as complete (C). You can use the MASS program to change orders en masse. Notes vsRM In case of visible defects or defects, the customer must notify Westparts within 8 days of delivery.