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This is a complete package of multimedia designed to aid teachers in gathering evidence and then automatically generate reports. Araknia design has developed a package of assessment tools which provide a number of digital and downloadable reports. The site is developed using python and Django.
The Assess View

Each school is setup with a framework of academic subject based statements. The Assess grid is where a teacher can click to progress a pupil through the curriculum. This then auto grades above or below making the grading process fast and intuitive.

The Assess View Evidence list popup

From the Assess view a list of evidence records for each subject or statement tag can be viewed.

The Tracking View

A fast snapshot of progress by academic term for each pupil by subject

The Analytics View

An overview table which can be downloaded in a preformated Excel xsl document.

The Report View

An powerful selection of reports exportable as pdf. The school can be reported on by class, gender, individual etc

Client website: earwigacademic.com